LILYGO TTGO T-Watch-2020



just got a t-watch 2020 from lilygo, looks like theyre using FreeRtos
do you think I could install ulisp and use the built in screen 1.54 touch oled
and BT module


Looks interesting! Available from Banggood:

or Tindie:

I’m pretty confident that uLisp should run on it since it’s based on the ESP32, and claims to be programmable from the Arduino IDE.


It works! I got serial ulisp REPL without problems on t-watch 2020.

Now looking into importing some functions from the vast library to actually do something with the hardware…is there CFFI for ulisp?


You might find this useful:

Converting between C and uLisp


Got the button and screen working, very crude demo:

It crashes and reboots omn any error.

It uses T-Watch library which you must add to arduino editor first as described there.


Any success with fixing the rebooting on errors? I remember I had that problem with one platform, and I can’t remember what the solution was. Something to do with longjmp().


It works I was just derpy.
Added new git branch t-watch_powermgmt where you can use the REPL to ask the watch to sleep or draw on the screen.