Discussions about hardware for use with uLisp.


Share information about applications you have created using uLisp.


Implementations of uLisp.


Errors in uLisp or the uLisp examples.

Using uLisp

Advice about using uLisp and programming in Lisp.


Off topic area; talk among yourselves.

Extending uLisp

Developing extensions to uLisp or porting uLisp to other platforms.

Programming Help

Help with programming in uLisp.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Announcements about new versions of uLisp.


Comments and suggestions about the uLisp documentation.

New Features

Things you think should be added to a future version of uLisp.

Lisp Badge

Discussions about the Lisp Badge, and help for anyone using or building themselves a Lisp Badge.

uLisp Zero

Comments and suggestions about uLisp Zero, the pared-down version of uLisp.

Sensor Library

Discussions about the uLisp Sensor Library, suggestions for new sensors, or new sensor interfaces to be added.

uLisp Builder

The uLisp Builder is a set of programs written in Common Lisp to allow you to build a version of uLisp for a particular platform from a common repository of source files.