Namespace selection?


Any common namespace designs for source code names?

Like in elisp there are no object-like namespaces (its all a global pile, IIRC) but people use a hyphen in their names in the source code to help humans keep names straight in their heads. Or in Clojure there’s true hard separation namespaces built in and full names look like “namespace name” slash “whatevs”.

I’m playing with some hardware involving a main program and four “driver” type libraries one for each I2C device and I’ve unfortunately been using “null” as my namespace character (like SomeDriverSomeVar which is getting pretty ugly).

Just curious if most folks use myDriverName-myFunction kinda elisp style (which seems best to me) or some other alternative that has been found to work better. Would prefer to fix my names one time rather than multiple times, LOL.

Embedded development using lisp is fun!


uLisp allows you to have the colon character in variable names, so I would suggest adopting the convention:


for your names. This will be a recognisable usage for Common Lisp users.