PC build target?


Do we have a way to make a PC build target?

I realize the hardware interfaces and such wouldn’t have meaning but it would be useful for tinkering with core logic when you are on coffee break at work. You could build a program at work then tweak it when you’re home stubbing out the interface stuff for later.


i have ported a version at github.com. i use it to debug step by step. please have a try.


Please can you explain a bit more about this.


@hyj0 I’ll have to take a try and see if it’s what I’m looking for.
@johnsondavies was that comment for me or hyj0 ?


Sorry - I wanted @hyj0 to explain what the GitHub repository has achieved.


Of course, the code of this branch is compiled using cmake, and ulisp-esp-comments.cpp and ulisp-esp-comments.h are compiled. I tested on linux (centos7).
Specifically, clone it, then run mkdir build &&cd build && cmake …/ && make and then you can get the executable file ulisp-esp-comments. Executing ulisp-esp-comments can enter the REPL through standard input and output.
I originally added the feature of A way to call C/C++ functions and needed single-step debugging before modifying it to run under Linux, so I apologize. The code for some newly added features does not modify the core code of ulisp.
Adapt to the Linux environment and declare struct, functions and macros in ulisp-esp-comments.h so that no errors will be reported during compilation. In addition, comment out the wifi and other codes.