Suggested boards for running uLisp?


Thanks! I’ll take a look at it and i’d be glad to be of use,



Today I read about the Teensy 4.0 board. It has a 600 MHZ clocked NXP i.MX RT1062 Arm Cortex-M7 with 1024 kB RAM and 2048 kB Flash. I’ll try to get one at end of august. It may be very well for running uLisp. The Arduino support is still in beta and the boards are rare yet, but I suppose this will change soon. What do you think?


Some time ago I tried out a Teensy 3.5, but I never managed to get it working and gave up; if I remember rightly I think there were problems with the Arduino compatibility.

I look forward to hearing how you get on!


I’ve also written about the Adafruit Metro M4 Grand Central board in a separate thread:


got my Teensy-4.0 board last week and I try to compile ulisp-2.8 for this board.
I took the ulisp-arm version; it worked well, there were a few issues (mainly to spi) which need some change (I made 3-4 changes to get it compiled and running).

Here’s a small test with the (tak 18 12 6) benchmark on this board:

uLisp 2.8 
51199> (defun tak (x y z)   
           (if (not (< y x))
                (tak (tak (1- x) y z)
                     (tak (1- y) z x)
                     (tak (1- z) x y))))
51151> (tak 18 12 6)
51151> (for-millis () (tak 18 12 6))
51151> (for-millis () (princ (tak 18 12 6)))

I didn’t do any additional test or optimisation (ie. WORKSPACESIZE ), so it just proofs that ulisp in running on this board. I also don’t know if any hardware functions (I2C, SPI, etc.) are working.
So there’s a lot of things to do, but getting ulisp up and running was no big deal ;-)

If you are interested in my code changes please let me know.

Best regards,

uLisp on Teensy 4.0

Looks good! And those timings are pretty fast. Keep us posted with your progress.