Ulisp-2.4-esp with 4 MByte PSRAM support


Dear @Kaef ,

Thank you very much! - It still fails mounting, but I simply think my particular board might be faulty.

By the way, also for @johnsondavies , this might interest you both as it is quite cheap:

I guess that board should work, too. It does not look like it has SD-card support at all, but then again… it’s 5 EUR.


Yes, that board looks like a bargain - thanks!


Dear @Aeneas,

sorry for the delay.

I flashed my current ulisp-version 2.5a to the DSTIKE WIFI Packet MonitorV3 Board and I can confirm that the sd-card is working (see below).

I used the following settings for the sd-card io:

#define SDCARD_SS_PIN    13 /* Kaef            :  5, WEMOS ESP32 WOVER: 13 */
#define SDCARD_CLK_IO    14 /* Arduino standard: 18, WEMOS ESP32 WOVER: 14 */
#define SDCARD_MISO_IO    2 /* Arduino standard: 19, WEMOS ESP32 WOVER:  2 */
#define SDCARD_MOSI_IO   15 /* Arduino standard: 23, WEMOS ESP32 WOVER: 15 */

Here is a log from the serial monitor (I also defined SD_CARD_DEBUG):

uLisp 2.5a -- forked and extended by Kaef (https://github.com/kaef)
(c) by David Johnson-Davies - www.technoblogy.com
Licensed under the MIT license: https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

System information:
  reset reason: 1  wakeup cause: 0
  compiled: Dec 19 2018 16:28:44
  Features: resetautorun printfreespace serialmonitor sdcardsupport SD_CARD_DEBUG lisplibrary LARGE_WORKSPACE_SETUP
  initworkspace PSRAM 524281(512k - 7) Workspace cells allocated. 
SD Card Size: 1886MB
Listing directory: /
  FILE: /lisp.txt  SIZE: 48
  FILE: /foo.txt  SIZE: 13
  [...]    done
  Free Heap: 233684

Press Btn0 to suppress restautorun...

loading image...
Error: No saved image
523767> (cat "/lisp.txt")

(defun sq (x) (* x x)) 
(defun tst nil (print 42)) 


Kindly regards,