uLisp on an Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4?


Hi David

How hard you think it would be to put ulisp on a itsybitsy M4 board
It has a large amount of flash and ram and its superfast
See this link please :

I think it would boost ulisp a great deal :-)

Kind regards
Ronny Suy


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve had a test version of uLisp working on an Adafruit Metro M4:

I assume the ItsyBitsy would be similar. Do you have a board, and would you like to try out a beta version?


Hi David ,

That sounds fine !
I will order a board today , so it will arrive here this week.
I certainly would like to try the beta version. !

Kind regards



It works very well on all Adafruit’s M0 and M4 boards.

I started hacking on it with the Metro and ItsyBitsy M4 boards in mind: https://github.com/dastels/ulisp-arm.git


Thanks !
My board is ordered and on it’s way now
As soon as it arrives I’m gonna give it a try.
Is this the beta version David mentioned ??

Kind regards ,


Hi David

Can you give also a link for the beta version of ulisp for the itsybitsy M4 ?

Thanks already.



The Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4 is now supported by the latest ARM version of uLisp; see:

Adafruit M4 boards