Adafruit nRF52840 Express + Sharp memory display



Thanks for uLisp! It’s a lot of fun to play with. I was able to get it running on an “Adafruit Feather nRF52840 Express” board - thanks to the excellent uLisp porting documentation, and the fact that it is basically the same as the other Adafruit nRF52840 boards which were already supported.

I was also able to make basic graphics work using both the included 2.7" 400x240px, and a 4.4" 320x240px SHARP Memory Displays (LS044Q7DH01) with the Adafruit breakout board:

Here’s a picture of it displaying the Sierpinski example:

I find these displays really cool. They use nearly no power even when constantly updating - the datasheet claims 1200uW with 1 screen update/s. Battery life for this board and display combination should be quite good already, but my hope is to get uLisp working with sparkfun’s artemis module which advertises “less than 5mW at full operation”. That should make for really good battery life even when running at 100%.

Here’s a dump of my code if anyone is interested. I haven’t really tested anything other than the graphics yet. The board has a pin defined as AREF so I renamed AREF to AREFF in the uLisp code - definitely hacky but it works ;-)


Cool - thanks for sharing that.

The 4.4" Sharp memory display looks very nice; good to know it works with the Adafruit breakout.


I did eventuallly get uLisp working on the Apollo3 / Sparkfun Artemis module too (specifically, on a Redboard Artemis ATP board). Again it was very simple to get uLisp running, the hard work will be in making sure all the functions and peripherals are working! I will share code once I have tested it some more, or earlier if someone really wants it.

My project is making a low power LISP programmable device in a laptop form factor - I will not flood this forum with further updates but if anyone is interested you can check it out and comment on . Thanks again for the cool software!