Another installation problem T-Display.S3 by LilyGo



Setup: Linux, Arduino and/or platformio

I try to find the one device, which has reasonable mem space for storing and executing µLisp code. Experiments with the Raspberry Pi Pico W failed unfortunately (see previous post).
Now I tried hard to flash my T-Display.S3 by LilyGo, which may be one cute Lisp computer…if it would work at all.

I followed the instructions given, the flashing process as such “works” but left me with an unresponsive device.

How can I flash µLisp on that ESP32.S3 device successfully?



It’s not a board I’ve tested, but I have managed to get the ESP32-S3-DevKitM-1 to work; see:


However, as I mention on that page, the current ESP32 Arduino core has a problem using the built-in USB interface ESP32-S3, so I recommend only using the UART connection. I can’t tell whether the LILYGO T-Display-S3 has a UART; if not, it’s probably not compatible with uLisp.