Anyone working on support for the new Raspberry Pi Pico?


Seems like a nice platform for running ulisp :)


It’s an M0, so presumably it’ll be easy enough to add as soon as someone makes an Arduino core for it.

It looks purpose-built for UF2 and MicroPython, though.


arduino themselves are already working on porting the arduino core to the rp2040 chip :)


Lukas Rusak is independently developing an Arduino core for the Raspberry Pi Pico:

However, it doesn’t yet seem to be developed enough to serve as the basis for porting uLisp.


Adafruit’s Feather-style Raspberry Pi Pico is now in stock:

As well as being compatible with Feather add-ons, the main advantages over the Raspberry Pi Pico are:

  • Pin legends you can read from the top of the board.
  • 8 MB SPI flash, which uLisp should be able to make use of.
  • An RGB NeoPixel (yawn).
  • A STEMMA QT connector for easy connection to suitable I2C sensors.
  • A USB C connector.
  • A LiPo battery connector.

For more information: Adafruit Feather RP2040


Not for long, I suspect.

#7 :)


Looks pretty good. Assuming Arduino are also working on a core to support their RP2040 board, does this mean that there will soon be two alternative cores?


I’m not sure how long hobby development will continue on these BSPs once Arduino release their official one :D


BSP meaning?


I assume ‘board support package’, which is essentially the same as what Arduino calls ‘cores’. That term is used by most of the manufacturers.


See: Help wanted debugging uLisp for the Raspberry Pi Pico.


The Raspberry Pi Pico is now supported by the ARM version of uLisp; see Raspberry Pi Pico.