Arduino Nano Connect?



has someone got µLisp running on a Arduino Nano Connect?
How much of the peripherals/devices of that board can be used with µLisp?


It’s an RP2040 board so it should be easy to get uLisp working on it.

As far as the peripherals are concerned, which ones are you interested in? It should be possible to drive the LSM6DSOXTR IMU from uLisp; similar devices are already supported here:

uLisp Sensor Library


In which peripherals I am interested in?.. ALL! :) :) :)
Background: The board is not exactly “cheap” (~30 EUR).
So it would be the more cost efficient the more devices will work.
I need to investigate the connection between the RP2040 and the ESP32 (which is in the ublox Wifi/Bluetooth device) further and what one can do with it.


As it’s not a board that’s currently supported by uLisp you’d need to do some work to interface it and access all the peripherals.