Arduino Nano ESP32: not recommended for use with uLisp


I have now got an Arduino Nano ESP32 board, and I have a version of ESP32 uLisp working on it.

However, I cannot recommend this board because I’ve verified that it has the same issue as I reported with other ESP32-S3 boards that use the built-in USB interface (USB CDC); see:

ESP32-S2, ESP-S3, and ESP-C3 boards

The problem causes the Serial interface on these boards to hang up if you try to upload a long Lisp program. I’ve reported it to Espressif; see:

Native USB CDC hangs up on ESP32-S2 after about 320 characters

@SuGlider has commented that this issue should be fixed in a forthcoming release 3.0.0 of the core.


In the meantime I suggest using one of the ESP32-S2 boards, as these don’t have this problem. For example:

Adafruit ESP32-S2 Feather
Adafruit QT Py ESP32-S2

Alternatively, if you need the ESP32-S3, select an ESP32-S3 board with a UART, and use the UART connection:


Error on Install, Nano ESP32