Arduino Nano Every


AVR uLisp Version 3.2 now supports the Arduino Nano Every, a neat low-cost board based on the Microchip ATmega4809, which is a slight upgrade to the popular ATmega328P used in the Arduino Uno.

I didn’t originally recommend the Arduino Nano Every for uLisp because there were issues with its serial interface support, but the latest Arduino megaAVR Boards core seems to have fixed the issues, so I can now recommend it.

It runs with a 20MHz internal oscillator, and so is a bit faster than the ATmega328P, and provides a more generous 48 Kbytes of flash memory and 6 Kbytes of RAM. This is still quite a limited amount of RAM, so by default uLisp restricts you to 3-character variable names to avoid the overhead of a symbol table. The board runs on 5V, so it’s ideal for interfacing to LEDs, etc.

For more information see: ATmega4809 boards