ARM Version 3.6b now supports save-image on all ATSAMD21 boards


The latest release of ARM uLisp, Version 3.6b, now lets you save an image of your entire Lisp workspace to flash memory on ATSAMD21 boards that don’t provide a separate DataFlash chip.

This adds support for save-image to the Adafruit Neo Trinkey, Adafruit Gemma M0, Adafruit Feather M0, Arduino Zero, Arduino MKRZero, and Seeeduino Xiao M0.


Hi David ,

I’m trying to compile version 3.6b but I’m getting stuck an some errors :

/home/ronny/Arduino/sketch_may07b/sketch_may07b.ino: In function 'int saveimage(object*)':
sketch_may07b:804:3: error: 'SDWriteInt' was not declared in this scope
   SDWriteInt(file, (uintptr_t)arg);
/home/ronny/Arduino/sketch_may07b/sketch_may07b.ino:804:3: note: suggested alternative: 'SDWrite32'

It seems SDReadInt and SDWriteInt are not known.
Do you have any ideas what could be the problem ?

Kind regards ,


Sorry about that - a naming problem in the SD Card code.

As a temporary fix please add these #defines after the “Compile options” section:

#define SDWriteInt SDWrite32
#define SDReadInt SDRead32

I’ll fix it on the next release.


Thanks !
It compiles now.