AVR DA and DB series Curiosity Nano boards


Two new Curiosity Nano evaluation boards from Microchip make excellent low-cost platforms for running uLisp.

AVR128DA48 Curiosity Nano

The AVR128DA48 Curiosity Nano runs at 24 MHz and has 128 Kbytes of flash and 16 Kbytes of RAM. It includes a DAC and 12-bit analogue inputs, in addition to the new features introduced with the ATmega 0-series such as the event system and Configurable Custom Logic:

AVR128DB48 Curiosity Nano

In addition, the AVR128DB48 Curiosity Nano includes all this, plus:

  • Eight I/O pins with Multi-Voltage I/O (MVIO), allowing them to operate at a different voltage from the positive supply.
  • Analogue OPAMP peripheral with three op amps that can be used as amplifiers, unity gain buffers, programmable gain amplifiers (PGAs), or instrumentation amplifiers:

For more information see AVR DA and DB series boards.


Since posting this, I’ve updated the description to reflect the fact that the latest version 1.3.0 of Spence Konde’s DxCore now supports uploading programs via USB using the Curiosity Nano’s built-in debugger, which makes installing uLisp on these boards even easier.