AVR128DA28 uLisp version


I did not see support for this 28 pin chip in the AVR uLisp. Is it available anywhere?


There needs to be an Arduino core first and I’m not finding one that will handle the AVR128 series of chips.


The Pocket OP Amp project uses the 128DB28 version of the chip using the Spence Konde DXcore as suggested by John. The DXcore has a DA version also.


@hotcarrier The latest version of AVR uLisp, 4.0a, will support the 28-pin chips if you change the directive:

#elif defined(__AVR_AVR128DA48__)


#elif defined(__AVR_AVR128DA28__)

As you say, the Arduino core you need to use is Spence Konde’s DxCore: DxCore on GitHub.


That worked. Thanks.