Best board for uLisp


When it comes to get µLisp running on the boards I own, I have had a somehow mixed experience: Only the Raspberry Pico W accepted my attempt and runs fine.

Which ESP32 board is the best recommended one?

I want to use a fully fledged µLisp, have PSRAM (if supported) - and much of it a and want a good amount
of Flash.

What board should I try, with which board/brand do you made the best experience+


There are only a few boards I wouldn’t recommend for use with uLisp.

As far as the ESP32 boards are concerned, I’d recommend the ESP32 boards, or the ESP32-S2 boards. I really like Adafruit’s ESP32-S2 board with a TFT display, which is supported by uLisp’s graphics extensions: ESP32 boards with a TFT display.

The ATSAMD51 M4 boards have plenty of memory, and are fast. Adafruit’s M4 boards also include a DataFlash chip which uLisp can use to save the workspace. See: Adafruit M4 boards.

The RP2040 boards are also excellent. See: RP2040 boards

Finally, if you don’t need a lot of I/O pins go for the small format boards, as they tend to be low cost: such as the Adafruit ESP32-S2 QT-Py, Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4, or Adafruit QT-Py RP2040.


Hi johnsondavies,

thanks a lot for the board recommendations! I will for something with bluetooth now, because my new LiPo-Charger got a BTLE interface for logging data