Buying a pre-made Lisp Badge


I love the Lisp Badge. I’m pretty capable of making one (though it’d be my first surface mount soldering despite having the tools) but honestly, I’ve got a lot going on right now (good and bad) and I’d love to purchase one from someone. I’d like to experiment with this form factor for another project I’m working on to answer a few design questions. As well as have more fun with uLisp! :-D

If you could make one for me, or if you’ve made one and no longer need it, I’d be interested in purchasing one. Please get in touch.


Hi Incanus ,

I don’t have a lisp badge , but if you like , I want to make one for you.
I have pcb development experience , and electronics is my hobby and work so I’m a good person to go with.
Let me know what you want , and so on , I will let you know the costs.