Compiling under Debian (Linux)


Hello uLisp community,
I have successfully compiled uLisp on my windows machine. However when i try to do the same on Linux, i get a ton of errors and warnings.
I have tried to compile it directly with the Arduino IDE and with my trusty makefile.
I can compile other Arduino projects, thus i believe that i have a working environment.
So before i start to dig into this problem, i wanted to ask, wether there is some known issue with compiling under Linux. I am thinking libraries, compiler or other special dependencies.

Also, is there by any chance a script, which would transform my lisp file into the librarylisp.h file?
I can make a script by my self, but i thought somebody probably did it already anyway and i could save some work 😀


Check that it isn’t problems with forward references; see:


Here is the output of my failed make run:

Here is the output of my failed arduino ide compile step:

I am using the arduino package from the debian testing repository:


Sadly it is not.

I can confirm that the this fix is incorporated in the current release. (those two lines are already there)

I have now included my output of my compilation. Maybe somebody has seen those kine of error before.


What version of the Arduino IDE do you have? The latest version is 1.8.7 and from your listings it looks like you may have an older version.

It looks like the same problem reported here:


You where right.

Under debian the package for arduino is ancient (due to licensing).

You need the arduino IDE from the website.


Good to hear - thanks!