Electro Smith Daisy


Here is another platform suggestion that is geared at music makers / synth diy types, but has a good spec M7 @480MHz inside.

and it claims Arduino support.

I have this DIP version so would be happy to test out a uLisp port on it and report back if you are interested?

I was immensely disappointed they dropped the advertised MicroPython implementation after I bought it…

Interesting board though.

spec summary paste ==>

  • Stereo audio IO - 96kHz / 24-bit audio hardware (AC-Coupled)

  • Programmable in: C++, Arduino, Max/MSP gen~, Pure Data

  • x31 GPIO, x12 ADC inputs (16-bit), x2 DAC outputs (12-bit, DC-Coupled)

  • ARM Cortex-M7 MCU, running at 480MHz

  • 64MB of SDRAM for up to 10 minute long audio buffers, 8MB external flash

  • SD card interface, PWM outputs, and various serial protocols for external devices (SPI, UART, SAI/I2S, I2C)


All their specs say “ARM Cortex-M7 MCU, running at 480MHz” but they don’t say which MCU. However, zooming in one of the videos it’s an STM32H75018IB with 128Kbytes of flash memory and 512Kbytes - 1Mbytes RAM.

I’ve had problems with the STM Arduino core previously due to issues with the serial implementation; see:

Boards that don’t work - NUCLEO-F411RE STM32

That was a while ago, so the problem may have been fixed since then.


Having said that, the board looks interesting, and it would be nice to have uLisp on it.

If you want to try porting uLisp to the board yourself, here is a suggested starting point:

Porting uLisp to a new platform