European Lisp Symposium 2023


Just a reminder that the European Lisp Symposium is about to kick off. They’re looking for papers and uLisp is mentioned among the dialects for submission.

Gerald Jay Sussman is giving the keynote.


Looks like it’s about to kick off. :)
Hopefully there will be some great topics this year.
They’re streaming it for free (link on the website).


Here’s a direct link to the programme for this year’s conference:

For me, one of the most interesting items is:

Experience Report: Kandria - A Game in Common Lisp

Here’s a bit more about Kandria:



Thanks for sharing!

I was trying to check for the videos / replay within the youtube channel. However the last event recorded was:

ELS 2020, April 27-28, Online, Zürich


Maybe they will publish the videos later?

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In case you are interested, The European Lisp Symposium 2023 videos were finally uploaded.

There’s a really interesting talk by Prof. Gerald Jay Sussman.

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