Forum Site is very slow


Hello, I discovered uLisp, and as I long time Lisper was quite interested. Will post more later,
but I just wanted to comment on how very slow the forum website is.
It is really unusable to me if it takes minutes for pages to show. It feels like its hosted on a dialup line…
and as someone who created one of the first commercial websites on the internet, I know all about dialup!


The uLisp Forum is hosted by DigitalOcean, and I’m not having any problem connecting to it. It’s taking about 90ms to load the main page.

Anyone else having problems?


It’s very slow for me. On all 3 devices I use : iPhone 15, Raspberry Pi 4B, and Chromebook.

Took about 15 seconds to load this topic after I clicked on it.


OK, I occasionally get a slow response too. I’ll investigate.


Now I’m getting a quick response - after I let it spin for 30 seconds and then reload.

My only idea as to what it may be is that perhaps DigitalOcean has changed their policies and is now throttling traffic to sites hosted on lower tier VMs. (I haven’t done any business with DigitalOcean so I wouldn’t know if their policies have changed.)


Good idea - I’ll see if DigitalOcean can offer any suggestions.


It took 15 seconds to show this thread. When the content is cached, its not slow.
I’m in california, maybe that explains it?

I used chrome’s inspector, and it shows in the console a number of these: 504 (Gateway Time-out)

and I see broken images, it might be my icon image, as a new sub I don’t have one?


I restarted the server, and it seems better now. Let me know whether it’s fixed it for you.


That fixed it! No more errors in console and no more broken images, and useable interface now.


Great! Thanks for alerting me to the problem.