How to use resetautorun?


Hi ,
I’m trying to use the resetautorun , but it’s not clear to me , how to use it exactly.
I uncommented the resetautorun in the ulisp .ino file , did a (save-image) , but when resetting the board no loading is done (free cells stay at 9215)
I’m using a feather esp32 board.
Also strange , when doing a (load- image) my program also isn’t executed .
The last line in the file is a function call to my program.

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Can it be linked to an 'extension.ino file ?
After a load-image and running the program manually , I get a lot of errors that are all connected to the extensions.ino file.
I seems as if they are not compiled into the loaded image ???



Seems I have to use (save-image 'xxx) with xxx being the function to run at startup
This works , but still errors are displayed , it looks like the extension file is not compiled into the saved image.



Problem solved !


Sounds like you solved it yourself before I saw the thread. If you have any outstanding questions please ask.

I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but it might provide a useful overview:

Preloading functions in uLisp


It seems that only ‘defun’ are allowed .
I had some ( ) lists that are seemingly give troubles.
I packed them into a defun and suddenly it worked !

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Hi David ,

Yes , I came to this page , and it became clear that my problem had something to do with this.