Installing uLisp 4.4 on a Raspi Pico W: Additional files?



just a quick question: How do I handle ulisp-extensions.ino when installing µLisp 4.4 on
a Raspberry Pico W?


If you’re using the Arduino IDE you simply include it in the same project folder as ulisp-arm.ino, and it will get compiled in automatically.


Note that a bug seems to have slipped through when compiling for the Raspberry Pi Pico W. Change the line:

if (stringp(address)) success = client.connect(cstring(WITHCLIENT, address, buffer, BUFFERSIZE), checkinteger(port));


if (stringp(address)) success = client.connect(cstring(address, buffer, BUFFERSIZE), checkinteger(port));

I’ll upload a fixed version soon.

uLisp 4.4 on Pico W: Compilation error

Oh! :)
That is definitely a solution FAR TOO SIMPLE to be recognized as solution (…by me ;) )
Thanks a lot!