Is anyone still using the ESP8266?


The ESP version of uLisp has traditionally supported the ESP8266, as well as the different variants of the ESP32.

Is anyone still interested in the ESP8266? I’m currently working on a new release of uLisp, and it would be possible to tidy up the ESP32 version quite a bit if I could remove support for the ESP8266.

Of course releases 4.4 and earlier would still continue to work on the ESP8266.



If it would make things easier I would definitely vote for removal.



Hi David ,

Since the esp32 is an enhanced 8266 , I would go for removal.



Hi David, I am using solely the esp32 for uLisp hacking. But there are still situation where one might prefer the esp8266 as it is still available and cheaper and there is a difference in Energy consumption, which might improve run-time on battery, and that might be important for things like LoRa nodes. So you have to weight these against the improvements of code simplicity. :-)

Cheers, Max

PS: Here seems an analysis of energy use that also compares different sleep patterns:
“ESP8266 vs. ESP32 on Battery Power” by Thorsten von Eicken, Published Dec 10, 2018
So if one has an application where deep sleep with long pauses is a good fit,
the esp8266 seems to be capable of 50% more run time than the esp32.
At least in his analysis.


Thanks for the information. If there’s demand for an ESP8266 version of uLisp I’ll make a separate version; in the meantime I’m streamlining the ESP32 version to remove the ESP8266-specific features.