Lisp server on ESP32 error connection failed



When calling the (lisp-server) from example
I always get error 'with-client ’ connection failed
Listening … is never printed

(defun lisp-server ()
  (with-client (s (ip '(192 168 0 207)) 1234)
    (print "Listening...")
     (unless (= 0 (available s))
       (let ((line (read-line s)))
         (print line)
         (println (eval (read-from-string line)) s)))
     (delay 1000))))

where is my laptop ip
and the telnet i do to the (wifi-localip) result at port 1234
–> connection refused (run as admin)

any suggestion?

Kind regards,



I’ve checked this example, and verified that you should be able to get it to work.

The ip address you give to the lisp-server function should be the ip address of your computer on the local network, not the ip address returned by (wifi-localip). I’ve slightly improved the example to make it easier to enter this ip address when you run the function.

I haven’t tried telnet as it’s not available on macOS, but with nc (netcat) you just specify a port to listen on, no ip address.

Let me know if you manage to get it working.



I get the exact same error

3816> (lisp-server 192 168 1 56)
[E][WiFiClient.cpp:213] connect(): lwip_connect_r: 104
Error: ‘with-client’ connection failed

I’m very new at this, so not entirely sure where to begin debugging.
I’m using uLisp ESP Version 2.4, Arduino-1.8 and it’s Espressif’s arduino-esp32 “1.0.0”