New Emacs package: ulisp-repl


I published a new ulisp-repl Emacs package. It provides a REPL with syntax highlighting and uses Emacs’s built-in UART support for serial port management. I wrote a blog post, which contains a screencast demonstrating its installation and use:


Install ok, i think, but when i try to run i get the following -
'Failed to access directory /dev/serial/by-id/ ; check owner and permissions


Your user – as reported by id – needs access to that directory and to the serial device node therein. Check what this reports:

M-! stat /dev/serial/by-id

For me that directory is world-readable and world-executable (rwxr-xr-x).

Maybe ulisp-repl could offer to change permissions via sudo. Does:

M-! sudo chmod -v o+rx /dev/serial/by-id && sudo chmod -v o+rw /dev/serial/by-id/*
M-x ulisp-repl

work? This assumes your user has sudo permissions.


i have a /dev/serial0 and a /dev/serial1 but no /dev/serial/

Shell command: stat /dev/serial/by-id

stat: cannot statx ‘/dev/serial/by-id’ : No such file or directory



M-: (setq ulisp-repl-serial-device-path "/dev/serial0")
M-x ulisp-repl

If that does not work, try the same with /dev/serial1. Let me know if it works.