New Lisp Badge firmware version 3


The Lisp Badge firmware has now been updated to Version 3, which adds the following improvements:

  • uLisp is now updated to uLisp AVR Version 3.3a, which includes the format function.

  • Three additional plotting extensions have been added: fill-screen, plot-pixel, and glyph-pixel.

  • The keyboard now supports entering “~” (Shift-ESC) and “%” (Shift-DEL) characters used by the format function.

  • The piezo speaker can now be used with the note function to play tunes.

For more information about these improvements see Lisp Badge.


Hi @johnsondavies,

this is very nice, great that the new features are also available for Lisp Badge.
I successfully updated my Lisp Badge to uLisp-3.3a and it seems to work well.
Thank you very much for supporting Lisp Badge and uLisp!

Best regards,


Great! Glad it works for you, David