Performance of different microcontroller boards running uLisp


Here’s an infographic showing the performance of Arduino-compatible microcontroller boards running uLisp:

For more details see:



How about adding the Lisp Badge?


I hesitate to include it because it’s not commercially available.


The link to Performance does not work…


Oops - thanks!


Awesome graph :)

Though I get different results in my benchmarks. I got…
38s (not 51s) for Mega 2560;
15s (not 18s) for MKRZero;
12.4s (not 14s) for the Adalogger (not graphed).

These were tested just last week. Perhaps your benchmarks are much older?


I’ve just tested them again, with uLisp Version 3.3, and the latest board files in case that makes a difference, and I get almost exactly the same as before:

  • Mega 2560: 51 s
  • MKRZero: 18 s
  • Feather M0 Adalogger: 15 s

The biggest difference is the Mega 2560; are there different versions of that board?


Guys, which versions of Arduino IDE were y’all using?


Me: 1.8.9 on MacOS. I see that the latest is 1.8.12; is that going to make a difference?


Could be the difference in versions of the C/C++ compiler.


It could perchance be a difference in the default optimisation levels, too.