Question about printing strings


Hi ,
I was looking at this example on the ulisp site :

Printing strings

Here’s a useful function pri for printing several strings and variables:

(defun pri (&rest lst) (terpri) (mapc 'princ lst))

For example, we can use it to print integer data from a sensor stored in variables tmp and hum :

(pri "Temperature: " tmp ", Humidity: " hum)

might print:

Temperature: 23, Humidity: 2

I was wondering what &rest means.
I can find rest in the reference but not &rest.

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It’s explained under defun:

It should probably have its own entry in the reference.

Thanks, David


Thanks, I overlooked it.
And apologies for the interrupt topic.
I thought it was a new topic , but see now that it’s 2 years old.