Ray tracing with uLisp


This article describes a simple ray tracer written in uLisp, and running on an Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4. It plots a colour image to a 160x128 colour TFT display.

See: Ray tracing with uLisp.


Hi David,
This seems truly amazing !
What display did you use for this ? (or what type of controller is on it)
I’m very interested in this matter.

Regards ,


Hi Ronny,

It’s a really cheap colour 128x160 TFT display with an SPI interface:

It’s based on the ST7735S controller.

Adafruit make an equivalent display (although it’s more expensive).



Hi David,

Thanks !
So I may assume that spi is working ok now ;-)
Anyway going to look for this display.



Yes, SPI seems to be working great!