Running uLisp on the MSP430


Is anyone interested in running uLisp on the Texas Instruments MSP430F5529, MSP430FR5969, MSP430FR5994, or MSP430FR6989 boards?

The last version of uLisp that supported these platforms was MSP430 Release 2.7c. At that time you had to develop applications in an IDE called Energia, originally developed in 2012 as a fork from the Arduino IDE to support Texas Instruments LaunchPads. Unfortunately it stopped being maintained in 2019.

However, Andreas Taylor has ported Energia to the Arduino IDE, so you can now develop for the MSP430 boards using the standard Arduino IDE using Boards Manager; see:

TI Platform Cores for Arduino

I’ve confirmed that this successfully compiles and uploads uLisp 2.7c to an MSP430FR5969 LaunchPad board.

So it should now be possible to create a version of the latest release of uLisp for MSP430 boards if anyone’s interested. It should have a similar specification to the AVR boards, such as the AVR DA and DB series boards.


Hi David,
I really like the MSP430 series, but to be honest I didn’t use them much and after testing the uLisp 2.7 Version a few years ago I never flashed uLisp again to that board…
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Thanks for replying - yes, I remember you used to use them. I’m not sure what plans Texas Instruments has for the MSP430 series; there doesn’t seem to have been anything new in a while.


IIRC they did a MSP432 series which are more powerful (32 Bit instead of 16 Bit MSP430?).
But I do not use them for quite a while, will have a look if I’ll find the devel-kits I bought long ago… ;-)


The MSP432 series has been officially discontinued by TI:

TI MSP432 - Wikipedia

However, the MSP430 appears still to be supported, although as far as I can see there have been no new parts.