Sdcard support overruled by eeprom on esp32 (?)



I have connected an sdcard to the esp32 huzzah board. Its working by using this small test :
(with-sd-card (str “Greeting.txt” 2)
(print “Hello” str))

But however save-image seems to be using the eeprom even with sdcardsupport enabled in the source file
I can see indeed in the code that only eeprom is used.
Is it difficult to change this to sdcard ? (or maybe one or the other depending on a setting)
My program is to big to fit into the eeprom , therefore my question.

Kind regards ,
Ronny Suy


You’re correct that even with SD card support enabled, the ESP version of uLisp currently only uses EEPROM for save-image and load-image.

I don’t think it will be too difficult to change this to offer the choice of SD card or EEPROM for saving images, and it would probably be a good thing to do. I’ll investigate.


Thanks very much !


I think it would be great supporting both worlds on espxx. If load- & save-image are called with a string as second paramter, use it as filename for the sd-card; if not save the image on eeprom (it’s on my todo-list for the 4MB PSRAM version, but before I’m able to look at this a few other things had to be completed…).
What do you think?
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Hi Kaef

sounds good to me.