Short overview of how you came there


Hi, first of all thank you very much for what you all ready did. It was an old dream for me to be able to make such thing. I mean to be able to use lisp to the metal. And here it is. All ready to use. I’m full of adoration for such effort. This is a work that has grown out of hard labour. Since it is now already in an evolved state. It has become less easy to overview. Could you explain how you grow this program. What was your path. The pre-knowledge, the evolution. Could you go back to a minimal state and explain how to come there? I ask a lot from you. I know. It is the result of hard work and can only be understood by also working on it. But you could try to make the work for others less hard. By writing a ‘how to’ kind of manual. Thanks in advance, Frank


Thank you for your kind words about uLisp.

I’ve written a bit about my background here:

About me

and about how I came to write uLisp here:


You might also find this interesting; it’s a cut-down version of uLisp similar to the first version I got working:

uLisp Zero