"software serial"


Hello. Exsist an equivalent software serial arduino in ulisp? How to use


Check with-serial to see if that’s what you want:

Language reference: with-serial


Thanks. But my query is how to use a pin’s arduino With a serial port software. No hardware serial usart.
Sorry my english. Is’ very bad


If I understand correctly what you’re asking: uLisp uses the Arduino core’s Serial functions. If these are implemented on a particular platform with software serial it should work in uLisp using with-serial in exactly the same way, even if there’s no hardware usart.


Right. then I redefine the arduino pins in (with-serial (stream port [baud]) form *)
to be able to use 2 serial ports in for example arduino one.
;; PORT 0
(with-serial (str 0 96)
(with-serial (str 1 (10,11) 96)

Do you understand my question?

Thank you. Excellent job.


Yes, you can use different serial ports with the second parameter:

(with-serial (stream port baud) ...