SPI not working on Adafruit Huzzah32?


Hi David

I’m trying to test SPI on the esp32 board , but nothing happens , there are no clockpulses on the SCK pin.
I’m using ulisp 2.7 for esp32
I also have this problem on the esp8266.
Can you confirm this , or am I mistaking something ?
I use this to test on the oscilloscope :
(with-spi (str 12) (write-byte 0 str))

Kind regards ,
Ronny Suy


Thanks - I’ll investigate and get back to you. David


Does it work if you use a similar test from the Arduino IDE; something like:

pinMode(12, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(12, LOW);
digitalWrite(12, HIGH);


David ,

I will try this tomorrow , and let you know the result.



I’ve checked SPI on the AVR and MSP430 versions of uLisp and they seem to work fine. I’ve also confirmed that the Adafruit Feather Huzzah 32 doesn’t seem to work, although the definition of sp_withspi() is the same.

You could try using the definition of sp_withspi() from the ARM version of uLisp, which I changed in response to your experiments with the divider setting, in case its the same problem.

Regards, David


Ok , I will let you now if I find anything.
Looks like I have some job to do :-)

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Hi David ,

Any news ?
Kind regards ,



This is now fixed in Version 2.8. Thanks for your help in getting the new version working!