Texas Instruments Tiva-C support


Tiva.-C is a popular microcontroller board from Texas Instruments Featuring a ARM M4F microcontroller. It has a arduino compatible library. Any suggestions on how to add support for this microcontroller would be appreciated.


This should be a good starting point:

Porting uLisp to a new platform

The Texas Instruments boards used to be supported via a clone of the Arduino IDE, called Energia, but unfortunately, it is no longer under active development, with the last version released in 2019.

However, Andreas Taylor has ported Energia to the Arduino IDE, so you can now develop for certain TI boards using the standard Arduino IDE using Boards Manager; see:

TI Platform Cores for Arduino

I’ve confirmed that this successfully uploads an earlier version of uLisp to an MSP430FR5969 LaunchPad board, but I’m not sure if this includes support for the Tiva-C.