Three-GBP-board with Stm32f103c8t6


Hey everybody,

While being curious “what the Third World does when they don’t pay a monthly salary for an Arduino”, I found this:

– which I gather is the same as this:

So this is, all in all, a 2- or 3-GBP-board with, not too bad, 20 KB SRAM (64KB flash). - I am not saying uLisp necessarily should be ported to that, and frankly, I have no intentions of getting this board, but unquestionably it would offer a couple thousand cells. So I decided to share. :)

(All in all, of course, it looks like ESP8266 is presently blowing everyone else out of the water, price-performance-wise, for a great share of projects.)


Yes, that’s a really cheap board affectionately know as the “Blue Pill” in the STM32 community. It’s already supported by the STM32 version of uLisp:

STM32 boards - Blue Pill

The board does not include a bootloader and there is no USB to serial chip on the PCB, so you need an external USB to Serial interface such as an FTDI board to program it.

The STM32 version of uLisp is still at version 3.0, but if there’s enough interest I can update it to the latest version, 3.3.

Does anyone have experience of running uLisp on this board?