uLisp 4.4 released today


In Release 4.4 uLisp has been restructured to make it easier to extend it with your own functions. You can now include extra user functions in a separate file; the advantage of this is that you can extend uLisp without needing to edit the original uLisp source file, and you can update uLisp to a new release while keeping your same extensions file unaltered. For details see Adding your own functions.

In addition, Release 4.4 has the following new features:

  • The equal function compares strings and lists, in addition to the objects handled by eq .
  • The subseq function can now be used to create subsequences of lists as well as strings.
  • The search function lets you search for a pattern in string or list.
  • The apropos function lets you search for built-in and user-defined functions and symbols matching a specified substring.
  • The unwind-protect, ignore-errors, and error functions provide advanced error handling.
  • Improved support for several platforms.


I’m grateful to @odin for originally suggesting some of the ideas for restructuring uLisp incorporated into Release 4.4, and @Goheeca for providing the error handling functions unwind-protect, ignore-errors, and error.


This is wonderful as I can now remove most of the modifications I’ve done to my version of uLisp, making it much easier to keep up-to-date. And I really appreciate the additional documentation functions too. Thank you!


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