uLisp 8266 works with ESP-13 Shield


I am using an ESP-13 shield in standalone form. I couldn’t find any useful information on how to get it going. So here are my notes:

It is important to note that the ESP-13 is a 3.3V only device. Make sure the power supply and the FTDI interface are all 3.3V. If unsure, check with a multi-meter first.

The obligatory picture of the board …

  • place the 2 switches into the “OFF” position
  • connect 3.3V power to the bottom header row, marked with 3.3V and 0V - don’t apply power yet
  • connect FTDI to socket above, Tx -> Rx, Rx -> Tx and Gnd
  • plug-in 3.3V FTDI USB cable into your computer

Using Arduino v1.8.8 (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS)

  • open up the serial monitor
  • configure as 115200 baud, newline + carriage return
  • power-up ESP-13 board with 3.3V
  • you should see some garbled characters and a sign-on message
  • enter “AT”, you should get “OK” as the response

If you don’t get this working, you might have over-written the AT command set based software or got the above connections wrong - time to get the multi-meter etc out.

Once the above is working:

  • power-off the ESP-13
  • place a jumper from D0 to Gnd - same header strip as you applied power to
  • load uLisp for 8266 into Arduino IDE, compile
  • power-up ESP-13
  • download from IDE
  • power-off ESP-13
  • remove the jumper
  • restart serial monitor, now 9600 baud and newline only
  • power-up ESP-13

You should see a banner and the uLisp prompt.