uLisp as scripting language



I plan to use “uLisp” as a scripting language to my project, what means, I will just evaluate the uLisp code from my project. Since I don’t wanna to modify uLisp that much, my plan is:

  • Disable Serial Input (useless for me)
  • Adding checking with server, if there is update, it will download uLisp code, load it, save it to EEPROM and execute

Please, can anyone give me advice, where should I put my “web server checking”, and how to disable the Serial Monitor? (I tried to comment serialmonitor define, but it’s still works). I have good programming knowledge, just want to do it the right way without much messing with the uLisp.



Well, I found many probably the good ways, anyway, I will try little bit to reformat the code to act as “library”, (where REPL will be as script)


The #define serialmonitor should do what you want, but it doesn’t seem to have been maintained correctly. I can send you a list of additions to make it work correctly if it would be useful, and I will make sure these get included in future releases.