uLisp Graphic Examples on Sipeed Maix Bit - RISCV - K210 AI Board with Emacs


All codes comes from here : http://www.ulisp.com/show?2YRM

Board : Sipeed Maix Bit with Mic - Kendryte K210 RISCV AI Board

Platform : Jetson Nano - ARM64 - Ubuntu 18.04

Emacs setup for working Inferior Lisp with Ulisp Code :

(defvar port "/dev/ttyUSB0" "Sipeed-Debug")
(defvar bauds 9600 "Bps")

(defun sb-open()
  (let ((serial-buffer (serial-term port bauds)))
      (rename-buffer "*inferior-lisp*")
    (setq inferior-lisp-buffer serial-buffer))))