uLisp now supports SD cards


The latest release of uLisp now provides support for reading and writing SD cards. This allows applications such as:

  • Logging data to an SD card.
  • Reading and processing data from an SD card.
  • Reading uLisp programs from an SD card and adding them to the current workspace.

The main function for working with SD cards is with-sd-card. In addition, all the input and output functions in uLisp now take an additional optional stream parameter, so you can use the functions read, print, princ, prin1, terpri, read-line, read-byte, write-line, write-string, and write-byte to read from or write to SD cards.

For more information see SD card interface.


Very cool, thank you! Now I can build a lisp-machine with the arduino-due and a tft…
I’ll try it asap.