uLisp now supports the RISC-V Sipeed Maixduino board


A new version of uLisp for the RISC-V processor runs on the Sipeed Maixduino, an Arduino form-factor board with a powerful Kendryte K210 RISC-V Dual Core 64 bit 400 MHz processor.

The RISC-V version of uLisp incorporates a RISC-V assembler which allows you to generate machine-code functions, integrated with Lisp, written in RISC-V mnemonics. In addition, it includes graphics extensions to support the colour TFT display available for the Sipeed Maixduino.

For more information see: Sipeed Maixduino RISC-V board


Hi David,
I hope your doing well !
This board is awesome , great to run your lisp on.
Is all of the 8Mbytes available to ulisp ?
Just a question.
Were did you get the board ?

Kind regards,


Hi Ronny,

Yes, the board is pretty impressive, although it’s a bit disappointing that Sipeed’s Arduino core doesn’t yet support several features, such as the Wi-Fi or analogue inputs.

I bought a couple of boards (I thought the Wi-Fi might just be broken on my first board!).

I got them from Sipeed in China:

Sipeed Maixduino for RISC-V AI + IoT

and Unmanned Tech in the UK:

Sipeed Maixduino RISC-V Development Board

I think it’s also available from AliExpress. All suppliers also offer another slightly more expensive package that includes a TFT display.

I haven’t really experimented with the amount of memory yet, but there seems to be plenty!


Hi David ,

Thanks , I ordered one at Unmanned UK :-)



A little glitch: The “get the assembler” link on the bottom of the overview page points to the ARM assembler. I’d also have thought the AVR version should remain the first on the downloads page…


Thanks for spotting the link, and the other good suggestion.



Pretty cool! Have you considered supporting the https://www.seeedstudio.com/SeeedStudio-GD32-RISC-V-Dev-Board-p-4302.html board? It’s a 32-bit RISC-V core with 80 GPIO pins broken out.


I would like to, but I believe that the Arduino support isn’t compatible with Mac. If that changes I’ll definitely try to support it.


Hi David ,

You forgot to mention to add this url under preferences -> additional boards manager URLs :

Otherwise you can not add the board to arduino.

Just received my board :-)

Kind regards,



Let me know how you get on,


Hi David ,

Got the board working !
Some remarks : (I’m using linux mint 19.3)

  • I had to install pip3 (but i think this is linux related) for pyserial

  • I have to set the Burn Baud Rate to 1.5M to program it correctly. Using 1M leads to timeouts during burning.

  • for the usb ports I got a usb0 and usb1 , but for programming you have to use usb0.

  • I also note that during compilation a lot of warnings appear , but compiling itself is successful.

BTW: You can set cpu clock to 400 , 500 or 600 Mhz !

Kind regards ,


Good to hear it all works! I haven’t tried the higher clock speeds - does it run warmer?

Did you get a display with your board?


I can not really feel a difference in temperature , so I think it’s not much warmer.
I have the version without display , the lcd version was soldout at that time.



Does this support use of both of the cores?


No, not at present.