uLisp on Teensy 3.6 or 3.2


Hello! I was going through my drawer of unused controller boards and I found I had one of the old teensy 3.6 and a teensy 3.2. The 3.6 is a pretty decent chip and pretty fast. Any thoughts on running lisp on it? I have a couple of the 4.x boards around too, and you seem to have them pretty well covered.
Also, I discovered one of the fubarino boards. These use a mips based processor. I used one in a project a few years ago, it was good performance at the time but arduino usage was a bit dicey.
Thanks for making the lisp available, it is a great little system.


I don’t have either of those boards (although I think I have a Teensy 3.5) so I can’t try it myself. However, it should be fairly easy to get uLisp running on them. In general, any board that is supported by the Arduino IDE should be compatible with uLisp.

Here’s some information that might be useful: Porting uLisp to a new platform


As far as I remember, the 3.5 only differed in that it had the 5 volts IO where the 3.6 was only 3.3 volts?
Both units have microsd card slots, which is a great feature for file storage and why I bought the 3.6 initially.
I will check the link. thanks!


Let me know if you need help!


Thanks! I have a launch to get read for but may be able to squeeze in some cycles this week and probably next week.