uLisp on Teensy-4.1


I ported uLisp-3.3-arm to the Teensy-4.1 board.
This board is very similar to the Teensy-4.0 board (same arm-cortex M7 processor), but it has an sd-card socked soldered and more gpio connectors.
I wrote about the Teensy-4.0 board some time ago here: uLisp on Teensy 4.0.
The sd-card can be used from uLisp for saving uLisp-images and other files (for example: uLisp-code snippets).
I didn’t do lots of test, but it seems uLisp is running on this board very fast.

You can download my modified version of ulisp-3.3-arm from my github page: uLisp for Teensy 4.1

Have fun!


@Kaef Building on your work I’ve added support for Teensy 4.0 and 4.1 to the latest release of ARM uLisp.

For more details see Teensy 4.0 and 4.1.

For consistency with the other platforms I haven’t included your SD card extensions, LISTDIR, RM, RMDIR, and MKDIR, but perhaps anyone interested in adding those can get the code from you.


Great I’ll try uLisp 3.3a tomorrow.
You did a very nice job writing the documentation about the Teensy boards.

I’ll add the sdcard functions and post a howto to the forum.
I think these functions should work with all boards using a sdcard, but I just tested them with an esp32…

I will add a remark to my GitHub project that the Teensy 4.x boards are now supported by uLisp arm and I will suggest to use your version instead of mine.

Best regards,