uLisp on the Raspberry Pico W: higher precision?


Is it possible, to get “more digits” :) from the µLisp I got installed on my Raspberry Pico W without implementing
a dedicated algorithm for the calculation in question?


Are you referring to integer or floating-point precision? Can you give an example of the sort of calculation that currently isn’t precise enough.


I wrote a somehow “ramped up” version of “hello world” - a typical beginner thing: I implemented a recursive
factorial function.
And I was somehow disappointed how small the ‘n’ was, which hit the maximal possible output before nonsense
was the result.
Increasing the overall precision for all cases of calculation doesn’t harm at all, though.
Any hint is welcome - remember…you are talking to a lisp-toddler… ;)


What platform are you on?



I am using GENTOO Linux (source based distro).