uLisp support for Wifi on the Maixduio


Any plans to support Wifi on the Maixduino Risc-V board? I see someone has created the support library for Wifi:

but I haven’t tried it yet to confirm it is working. I assume since it is ESP32, and that is supported it might not be a huge effort.


When I first ported uLisp to the Maixduino the ESP32 interface wasn’t working. From what you’ve posted it looks as if they’ve made some progress, so I’ll take another look.


Sounds good. As I said I haven’t tried the WiFi, but I did try the camera support for the GC0328 from the same GitHub:

and it worked just fine. (The GC0328 is the camera that is supplied with the Maixduino kit from Seeed that includes a camera and display.) So I am inclined to be positive for the WiFi support.