USB memory stick with a jack ... diy ipod?


Hi I want to make some kind of small ipod which is basically just a usb stick I can put in my computer and drag some files into a filesystem and then press a button (the only one lets say, for simplicity, ofc once I can do filesystem + USB + 3.5mm jack then I can add buttons and whatever) to play the files (lets say ogg vorbis or whatever).

What kind of hardware should I be looking at? I feel this would be a fun project for me to learn how to make things in the real world. My previous experience with hardware stuff is minimal but I have played a bit with breadboards and robots before so I don’t think this project is too out of reach for me.



Hi ilmu, I’m not sure if you intended to post your question on a forum dedicated to uLisp, but you could pick up something like the Geekcreit DFPlayer Mini MP3 Player Module:

It handles the playing of audio files from an SD card, and you could control it from a microcontroller board such as an Arduino or one of the Adafruit boards, and probably even program your user interface in uLisp.


It’s kinda insulting that you’d think I’d make this post as a mistake xD

Of course I am here because I am interested in playing with ulisp, this is the project I thought could be fun and useful enough to be motivating to me.

Thank you for the tip, it could be a starting point but I’d really rather avoid sd-cards I hate working with them, I’d rather use ethernet or USB.


Sorry, no insult intended, and I’m pleased you’re interested in uLisp. Let us know how you get on with your project!