Use uLisp to Create USB Peripheral


I have been designing a custom keyboard, and it would be awesome to use uLisp for the brains of the operation. Is there a way to use uLisp for USB? (With a board/chip with USB functionality, of course.) I can only find info about serial communication. Thanks for any help!


uLisp doesn’t support this as it stands, but it would be fairly easy to add support. A good option would be Adafruit’s TinyUSB library:

Adafruit TinyUSB Library for Arduino

There’s an example in the examples folder showing how to use it to interface a HID keyboard.

For information about extending uLisp see: Adding your own functions

One problem I foresee is testing your code, since you will want to simultaneously test keystrokes from your HID keyboard, and edit your uLisp program with your normal keyboard. There’s probably a solution to this, but I’m not sure what it is.